When magic connects puppets and film in unusual ways


The creative process of the Yôkaï company is geared toward one key goal: to continually confuse the spectator’s perception by intertwining magic and puppetry. All the creatures are equipped with self-powered motion. This breath of life is unknown to the audience and springs from intermingling several processes. In order to leverage and arrange this set of techniques, Violaine Fimbel has brought together a highly skilled team including an automation engineer/ mechanism designer, a video artist, a choreographer, a sound designer, puppet builders and operators, a ventriloquist, and a costume designer.

One of the company’s major goals is to create the illusion of the living without actual living intervention. For this reason, new technology is an important asset. The creative team strives to create the most compelling illusion of life in order to give the audience an unsettling and unique experience.

Coyote couleur.JPG