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All audiences, starting from age 11

In order to delve into the impact that odd and puzzling presences can have on the audience, the company Yôkaï is pursuing research around autonomous hybrid creatures at the intersection of magic, puppetry, and digital art. This project is called Invisible Awakening.


Unleashing the possibilities of hidden animation in the conception of imaginary stage productions, this program taps into the technological advances that have emerged in the world of film special effects over the last decades to repurpose and reinvent them on stage, thus enriching approaches to puppetry and its continuing legacy.


A show is connected with this research project:


Excerpt from the director’s note by Violaine Fimbel, artistic director of the company Yôkaï:


“Smoke points us to the spirits. Barely touchable, we can feel it but it can fade away at any moment. It is both a space, an atmosphere and a presence. It can embody, disembody, transform, distort, reshape, suggest, permeate, emerge, diffuse, etc.

It is therefore the ideal stage companion, a visual, scenic and puppet partner with whom we can tackle the relationship between the human and the living and its surroundings. This show will focus on how presence materializes, interiority (the soul) and exteriority (the body), in other words the content and the container.


In each of my creations, I have worked with animal skins. Envelopes that we bring to life on stage. A trace of a known envelope always endures and reemerges after it is gone, whether we want to erase or ignore it. And whether we accept it or not, nature is not a thing that revolves around the human but instead it is effectively built into it. Along these lines, I imagine a relationship to plants and animals that is much different from that of humans in our society, and a connection to translation and metamorphosis that is not so fantasized or unreal.

I would like to offer a journey into a disappearance that never fully occurs, an inevitable/imperceptible transformation, an “invisible awakening”.

I am nourished by poetic figures for whom the soul, disappearance, presence-absence as well as nature and objects are literally blended into their work, mainly Emily Dickinson and Patti Smith. They will inhabit the stage to rock the beliefs of humans bent on controlling everything and who will yet lose touch with everything.