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installations marionnettico-magiques

This exhibition is connected to the show Possession. It premiered in January-February 2019 during the International circus arts biennale at Friche de la Belle de Mai in Marseille, for the “Crossing Appearances” event curated by the 14:20 company.

What if Lewis Carroll had not written Alice Through the Looking Glass? Years after the famous novel was published, Antonin Artaud claimed authorship and rewrote some passages entirely.

How much does a work become “ours” when we appropriate it? In each installation, the world of Lewis Carroll shapeshifts, with Artaud’s “devouring” and “transformative” presence looming over it.

Appropriation of a work, prefigurative plagiarism or perpetual transformation…? Isn’t metamorphosis inevitable when it comes to crossing this boundary and stepping through the mirror…?

Design and construction by Violaine FIMBEL and Marjan KUNAVER (many thanks to Eduardo Felix and Marie Guillot)

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