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Immersive and unconventional workshops

// in the set up // based around the audience’s experience

In the making of the show GIMME SHELTER, two immersive workshops were conducted, which clearly demonstrated that a workshop led as an extension of the show was the best gateway to the unique universe of the company. This method lets everyone engage with the work on a personal level and build the workshop program as a team. The artists work from the students’ feedback and questions about the work to develop workshop initiatives. If the viewer is particularly curious about voice projection, they will be offered tasks around ventriloquism. Similarly, the program will be tailored to what has most caught the viewer’s attention, whether it is the magical effects, the lighting, or the puppets.

Drawing from children’s experiences and perceptions to build the workshop program gives them confidence and encourages them to experiment and think by themselves.


Past and upcoming workshops



  • Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes de Charleville-Mézières :

    • Workshops-research with EiSINe (industrial and digital sciences) students – 6 hours

    • Guided tour of POSSESSION and exploration of the work- 3 hours

    • Workshop with La Fontaine middle school (Charleville) students, planning an art curriculum project, 33 hours

    • FMTM/NAPP projet Europe Creative/FABLAB EiSINe 70 hours

  • Rheims Manège :

    • Discovery tour of shop and KILLING ALICE exhibition – Nuit blanche de Charleville-Mézières – 3 hours

    • Les Familiarités program – 6 hours –puppetry practice for amateurs

    • Remue-Manège – 24 hours – puppetry and new magic in the setup, embodiment of a character in the show.


    • Artist residency and SUAC/FABLAB EiSINe workshop. Technology and art, “engineering sciences” bachelor and “materials design and shaping process” bachelor 56 hours

  • Puppet Theatre of Maribor :

    • Unconventional workshops and activities around the show, September 2020 – immersion in the setup.

  • DRAC Grand Est, City of Rheims, in connection with the artistic world of the Yôkaï company. GIMME SHELTER show (5 performances), KILLING ALICE exhibit and immersive workshops, 150 hours.250 6th grade students from Schuman junior high school and 5th grade students from Europe neighborhood, Rheims.


  • Création en cours – Ateliers Médicis Montcornet in Picardie

    • 60  5th graders, 30  6th graders

    • Four weeks (Spring 2018) – 60 hours Performance of an installment at the school and discussion in the setup.

    • Themes covered following the students’ reactions included:

      • the monster: how to define the monster? What does the monster in ourselves look like? Construction and manipulation

      • the puppet: introduction to the various puppetry techniques used in the show and in general, manipulation basics

      • construction and presentation of shelters (from what, for whom?)

  • Co-residency- Lutkovno Gledalisce – Maribor, Slovenia – 18 10th grade high schoolers

    • Two weeks (February 2019) – 10 hours

    • Performance of an instalment and discussion

    • Themes covered following the students’ reactions included :

      • how to define magic, how to define the puppet: the loose boundaries of illusion. Discussion based on videos and pictures of puppet masters that use magic and magicians that use puppets.

      • initiation to ventriloquism

      • presentation of the “hikikomori” phenomenon by a specialized sociologist.

      • construction of monster masks

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