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One of the company’s major goals is to create the illusion of the living without actual living intervention. To that end, the company pursues a sensitive approach combining puppetry, film, new magic and new technology (incidentally, it received support from the CNC-Dicréam for the show GIMME SHELTER). The artistic team is committed to creating the most compelling illusion in order to give the audience a unique and unsettling experience.


When building a piece, a substantial part of the preparation involves researching the feasibility of the movement and the self-contained quality of the creatures, which is made possible, in part, by the new connections generated by 3D printers and robotics.

US Research trip

From September 3 through September 4, five members of the company Yôkaï go on a research trip to the US to study commonalities in the field of invisible animation in film and theater. They will meet the team of creature supervisors from the Jim Henson’s Creature Shop in Los Angeles, creature designers and movie VFX artists as well as live performance puppeteers based in New York and Los Angeles.

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